Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GAN Warriors awareness night!

Our first "GAN Warriors awareness night" was a huge success. The turn out was wonderful and the help was amazing. Thank you, thank you to all of you who came and who helped make this night so much fun. It certainly was a night to remember.
The slide show of the GAN Warriors was shown and a talk was given about GAN and Hannah's Hope Fund.
We also had a cake making challenge and that was incredible. There were two categories to enter, one being TASTE and the other being LOOKS. The day of the event only 20 people had registered to enter the contest, but there ended up being 64 cakes that showed up!
 Prizes for the winners were a  Kindle Fire, Ipod Touch, MP3 Walkman, camera, greenhouse gift certificate,and Bob Wards gift cards. A HUGE thank you to the local businesses that donated these prizes and made this event so exciting. It wouldn't have been possible without you!  
 Woody( from Toy Story) was there to greet the children and give them a balloon. Over two hundred balloons were blown up and by the end of the night almost half were on the gym ceiling.
Levi was so excited to see Woody and even more so when Woody gave him one of his guns to keep.
Just his smiles over that, made this night worth it!


  1. This is such a great story. Love the pictures of the smiles!

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