Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Mother's Love.

As a Mother, one could not imagine getting a diagnosis that not one, not two, but THREE of your children are going to slowly loose their bodies ability to function and eventually lead to death (GAN victims usually don't live past 20 years old).
Levi, Alan and Aaron have most likely already lived the best years (health wise) of their lives.
This would be any Mother's worst nightmare. Look at your  healthy children and imagine for a moment that you are in this Mother's shoes. What would you do? How would you feel?
I don't think that even imagining it comes close to experiencing this pain in real life.
The little things we take for granted like seeing our kids run, ride bikes, play football and baseball, are all things this Mom continues to hope for, for her boy's.
Now, look at this picture above. While the face's of these sweet boy's are very kissable, look at the smile on their Mother's face. That smile is there while she cleans up their throw up and rubs their aching legs. It's there when she calms their fears and dries their tears of frustration. I have never seen her without it, even with all she is going through.
She is an amazing example of  a Mother's love.
She has hope for a cure and because you care, you are her hope!
Thank you for spreading the awareness of GAN and for your love and donations. Every dollar gets us one step closer to a cure.


  1. This is all so true Tiffany- she is an amazing mother. I'm so grateful we don't have to just sit and let the nightmare happen- that we can do something about it. Thank you for keeping us posted

  2. If you need to cure GAN disorder, I may/can help you.
    But if you are only interested in FUND raising, I am off.
    Contact me. prasadaDOTreddyATgmail

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