Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Missoula Marathon

Sunday, July 8th 2012 was a big day for our GAN Warriors! We had some very amazing people running in the Missoula Marathon to support our cause. Collin Fehr was one of the runners and he WON the Marathon! We are very excited for Collin. He put in a lot of training and we appreciate the fact that he ran for GAN. Because he won, he was interviewed by the media and was able to give a brief explanation of whom he was running for and why. Thank You so much Collin!

Also running in the Marathon for our Warriors was Cindy Jessop-Thomas. If you go to this link here and move the time to 2:57:53 you will get to see Cindy run across the finish line.... but she is running across that line with Levi, Alan and Aaron. Levi has always wanted to be a runner, like his Dad, and he got his chance to run in a Marathon! Watching him run as fast as he can, pushing his walker, is a sight you will most likely not ever forget. Thank you Cindy for helping them have that opportunity.

In the relay event for the marathon, Colby Henderson, Quentin Porter, Chris Jessop, Chase Stoker and Emmett Stoker ran for GAN Warriors too. These young men have trained hard for these events and we appreciate so much their willingness to run for these sweet boys and raise awareness of their illness. Thank you so much Colby, Quentin,Chris, Chase and Emmett!

The Marathon provided even more publicity and awareness for this great cause and we appreciate all the support and welcome all of our new supporters also.
 Together we will do our best to give Levi, Alan and Aaron a chance at life.
The running crew with Levi, Alan and Aaron.

Watching the other runners.

Go Levi!

Running to the finish line.

Cleaning up after Aaron threw up. One of the symptoms of GAN.

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