Friday, August 24, 2012

Pizza anyone??

PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!! We are selling Pizza Hut cards to help us reach our goal. The cost for the cards is $12 and that gets you one large, 3 topping or specialty pizza. That is a $12 to $14 value. With each pizza sold, GAN Warriors gets $5 of it!!!
Breadstick cards are also available for $5 and that is a .99 cent savings to you AND a portion of that also goes towards our goal. Cards may be purchased at the Bulk -n- Bin or the Pines Academy school office. You can also message us and we will make sure we get you your card. Think about these boys before you go buy pizza and remember, if you use a card, you are helping with the cure that could save their lives! Thank you PIZZA HUT for joining our cause.


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