Friday, September 7, 2012

Fundraising in the Root and beyond!

So many hands have been very busy raising awareness and money to help us reach our goal. Check out the thermometer on the right! Yes that's right, it really does say $51,084.86! So exciting to see it keep on going up.
Before I share the details as to how money is being raised, we would like to thank everyone for their time, talents and donations. Without all of that, none of this would be possible. Without YOU, getting to our goal would take longer, and time is NOT a friend of GAN.

So here is how some of it has happened so far:

This awesome lemonade stand was built and donated for us to take to the Farmers Market.We handed out free lemonade and flyer's with information about the boys and a donation envelope if they felt inclined to send in a check. We met a lot of great people and felt like we raised good awareness. A few hundred dollars was put in the donation can and donation checks were mailed in.

Rocky Mountain Grange donated their building and a village of people put on an incredible yard sale. Great items were donated and it took many hands to sort, haul and price everything. It was very worth the effort though because the sale raised just under 5,000.00. Great job to everyone who helped make that a huge success.

Thank you Rocky Mountain Grange for donating your building.
People came to our booth at the Ravalli County fair and tried to win $100 or bought a GAN Warriors t-shirt or GAN bracelet. We also had a raffle for a cord of wood that was so generously donated. The grand total for that event was 2,719.00.

The event that knocked it out of the park was the 5k ,held in Jason's hometown in Utah. Over 600 people showed up to support this cause and the total for that event and their change drive for July was.... 26,011.45!!!!!!!! Astounding and Awe inspiring.Way to go Utah! These pictures tell a thousand words.

Look at all that change.

Grateful parents.

Fundraising is going on in Arizona and this event below is happening tonight! So incredible. Keep up the good work!                                                                                                                                   


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